• Release Date: November 4, 2011
  • Cast: Patrick Wang, Sebastian Brodziak, Trevor St. John
  • Director: Patrick Wang
  • Genre: Art House/Foreign, Drama

Synopsis: Chip Hines (Sebastian Banes), a precocious and loving 6-year-old, only knows life with his two Dads, Cody Hines, his biological father, “Pa”, (Trevor St. John) and the kind and resourceful Joey Williams, “Dad” (writer-director Wang). Both men are embraced by Cody’s family and by their community of co-workers and friends. Caught up in the lapidary and subtle rhythms of their small, sophisticated Southern town, Martin, Tennessee, Cody teaches Junior High Math and Joey is a general contractor who has been supervising the restoration and preservation of a mansion owned by retired attorney Paul Hawks and his wife Marge (Susan Kellermann). Suddenly their world is shattered when Cody is killed in a car accident. Gradually Joey and young Chip work to regroup and regain their balance until Joey learns that Cody’s Will, written six years earlier, was never amended to insure his position as Chip’s Dad; Cody had named his sister, Eileen, as Chip’s legal guardian, and Chip is taken away from Joey.