Today in Movie Culture: ‘Joker’ Easter Eggs, Scene Breakdowns, Fan Art, Musical Tributes and More

Today in Movie Culture: ‘Joker’ Easter Eggs, Scene Breakdowns, Fan Art, Musical Tributes and More

Here are a bunch of little bites to satisfy your hunger for movie culture:


Easter Eggs of the Day

Joker broke box office records in its debut over the weekend, as fans of DC superhero movies and general audiences flocked to the villain showcase in droves. Did you see it? And did you really see everything? Here’s ScreenCrush with a helpful guide to 43 Easter eggs and other reference you may have missed:


Scene Breakdown of the Day

Joker is such a big hit that you probably already saw it. Maybe multiple times. Now, courtesy of Vanity Fair, you’re invited to rewatch the beginning of the standalone DC movie, in which Joaquin Phoenix’s character is badly beaten by some kids, while director Todd Phillips breaks down how he shot the sequence:


Director Commentary of the Day

Phillips also broke down another memorable moment from Joker for the New York Times’ Anatomy of a Scene series. Watch the bit when Joaquin Phoenix, as the title character, slowly dances in a grimy Gotham City public bathroom after a cataclysmic event while the director provides voiceover commentary on its inception:


Movie Mashup of the Day

Joaquin Phoenix has played a lot of similar characters, and we’ve already seen a mashup of Joker and The Master and a montage showing similarities between Joker and You Were Never Really Here. Now check out a mashup of Joker and Her that imagines an AI helping to influence the origin of the DC villain:


Remade Movie Trailer of the Day

Joker is R-rated, and so is unlikely to have any official tie-ins with toy brands, such as LEGO. But that isn’t stopping fans from imagining what the world of Arthur Fleck’s Joker looks like made out of interlocking bricks and mini-figures. Here’s Brick Force Studios with the movie’s trailer redone in LEGO bricks:


Cosplay of the Day

Speaking of recreating elements of the movie, here’s a fan who went to see Joker dressed up as Joaquin Phoenix’s incarnation of the iconic villain. While some movie theater chains have banned cosplay for this particular movie, this guy found one that gives out free passes when you show up in costume:


Movie Plot Song of the Day

Joaquin Phoenix’s version of the Joker loves a good show tune, but should he also have his own plot song to sing? Aaron Fraser-Nash has that covered, albeit unofficially. Check out his musical parody of Joker in which the titular villain sings his story to the tune of Melanie Martinez’s “Cake”:


Fan Art of the Day

The Joker originated on the pages of comic books almost 80 years ago, and artists have been inspired to create their own drawings of the character ever since. Now it’s your turn. Just follow the steps of the latest video tutorial from LethalChris as he draws a very detailed piece depicting Joaquin Phoenix in Joker:


Movie Trend of the Day

Now that Joker and It Chapter Two are both playing around the world and the documentary Wrinkles the Clown just opened in limited release, the scary clown trend is out of control. How did clowns become so synonymous with horror anyway? Screen Rant has the answer in this video essay:


Fan Theory of the Day

Joker and It Chapter Two make a good double feature, but Stephen King fans may also want to follow up the It sequel with a rewatch of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban to consider the similarity between Pennywise the Clown and the Boggarts of the Wizarding World franchise. That Film Theory explains:

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