[Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images for Disney]

Shortly after the debut of the first Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer at Star Wars Celebration, Fandango had a chance to chat briefly with some of the film’s cast and its director, Rian Johnson. We also got some time to talk to one of the Star Wars masterminds at the moment, Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy.

“Part of it is Rian Johnson; I love his talent [and] his commitment to these stories, and his understanding of the mythology that George [Lucas] created,” Kennedy said when we asked how The Last Jedi pushes the series forward in new directions. “It’s really something that I think you’ll see that he takes these characters [and] develops their complexities. He’s not afraid to try things that move this into a more complex universe, and I think that’s great. I think that’s what [Star Wars] needs.”

Speaking of the future of Star Wars, we know there are three movies left in their current plan, with The Last Jedi, its sequel, Episode IX, and next year’s Han Solo movie. After that, does Kennedy think they’ll continue the Skywalker saga?

“I certainly foresee movies past nine,” she said. “Whether or not we carry on the Skywalker saga… you know, George always intended nine movies, and whether we continue that or not is something we’re talking about right now. If the story warrants it, we’ll absolutely do it. If it actually inspires new ideas, then we’ll probably head in that direction. We just don’t know yet.”

As far as whether Kennedy anticipates them making any big announcements regarding what movies will come next, she says they are coming, but don’t expect them right now. “I wouldn’t say this year, but certainly by next year,” she said.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15.

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