Mighty Fine

By quillsmith
Written September 06, 2014
Mighty Fine is driven by Chazz Palminteri’s powerful performance as Joe Fine, the loving but troubled father who can’t control his inner demons. Chazz fills the screen with a combination of vitality and menace as he drags his family literally kicking and screaming in his single-minded pursuit of his dream. Andie McDowell pulls off a new type of role for her, as Stella, a Holocaust survivor “rescued” by Joe but later uprooted from Brooklyn to New Orleans, along with the couple’s two teenage daughters. The kids give affecting performances too, especially Jodelle Ferland as Natalie, the aspiring poet through whose eyes the story unfolds. Director Debbie Goodstein is sure-handed in her feature film debut, bringing her own script to believable life. You’ll laugh and tremble with Stella and the girls as they careen along with Joe toward a shattering day of reckoning.
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The Fine Mirror

By tenwaymom
Written May 25, 2012
In the movie Mighty Fine, Joe Fine instructs the movers from Exodus Moving Company to be very careful with his disco ball when his family is relocating from Brooklyn, NY, to New Orleans, LA. I guess having a personal disco ball was a status symbol in 1974! When the Fine family, consisting of dad Joseph, mom Stella, (who spent time in hiding as a child during the Holocaust); 17-year-old Maddie, and younger sister Natalie pull up stakes and move to Louisiana in 1974, we learn that the women of the family hope this move will dilute Joe's tendencies to angry rages. Natalie Fine recites a poem at the end of the movie. A line from that poem stayed with me after I watched the film, as I tried to decide what to focus on for this blog. Here's the line: "There's a monster in dad, and it makes him wicked mad." What did Maddie see in the mirror of her mother when she tried to placate Joseph? What did both girls see when Stella made her final decision? Find out on May 25 (or later)!
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Mighty Fine

By debbiegoodstein
Written June 02, 2012
This is a must see movie! Moving! Thought provoking! A cautionary tale in theses trying times. Chazz Palminteri's performance is genius. You'll be thinking about it for days...
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Fine Fine Movie

By achilson
Written May 25, 2012
Mighty Fine is a great inner look into the mind and heart of a man who struggles to keep his family in a lifestyle he believes they deserve, the cost of all that he gives and his struggles with mental illness in the process. Some very strong scenes between the eldest daughter and the father, Joe Fine. The acting is flawless and incredibly emotional - I had the pleasure of watching this during a screening and I found myself catching my breath at times. This is a great partial period piece and drama, tied together in the later 60s/70s. An open door into the the life of one man in that time, that reflects many of the stresses of men in that era with their expectations and what those cost. Make sure you go see this while it's in theaters!
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By wyndsayl
Written May 25, 2012
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