Amazingly touching movie

By movies-4-me
Written November 16, 2009
The Messenger is a procedural study in how the U.S. Armed Forces notifies the families of relatives (normally sons and daughters) who have died in the service of their countries. In this case, Will Montgomery is teamed with Captain Tony Stone, and we see them go through their duties. It starts off rough, with spit and slaps to the face, but one person shocks them in how she accepts the news. She's grateful and clearly in shock. The story follows these characters as relationships are created, destroyed and we generally see that nothing is ever as clear cut as movies tend to show us. The movie stars Ben Foster, as Montgomery, a wounded soldier who is given this task during his last few months of service. Woody Harrelson, I believe steals the movie from Foster (which is not an easy feat), plays Stone. The supporting cast is full of great actors that you'll either recognize, or just be floored by the authenticity. It's a stunning movie, and if you can see it, you should.
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By hofmann
Written November 22, 2009
I really enjoyed this film. It was very real and the acting was great.
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By lgordon
Written November 21, 2009
powerful, gripping.
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Powerful, important film

By houseofdny
Written November 16, 2009
Penetrating look at the war told from the view of those who inform families their loved ones have been killed in action. Winning performances by Foster and Morton, and the many humorous lines granted to Harrelson's character should not be regarded as camp.
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The Messenger

By Drez_Digital
Written November 16, 2011
With an interesting and thought provoking plot combined with some great acting.
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