Memento @ The Egyptian with Q & A with director Christopher Nolan

By kkoster2005
Written February 06, 2011
The Egyptian Theatre is a beautiful theater with large comfy, almost recliner-like seats. FYI snack bar is cash only. I enjoyed Memento when I first saw it, but to see it on the big screen was so much better. I enjoyed the Q & A with Christopher Nolan immensely, especially since director Guillermo del Toro was the moderator! I will definitely come back to the Egyptian, it was a great movie watching experience!
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best movie ever

By harryperezzz
Written October 08, 2012
absolutely the best movie I ever watched in my life.
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By Mexicanjedi
Written February 08, 2011
By Far one of my All time Favorite Movies. Done by Mr. Christopher Nolan so you know it will be amazing. Like most of Nolan's films, Inception, The Dark Knight, Batman begins, and the Prestige, this film usually gets better and better the more you watch it. Personally I have seen the film 9 times now, and I even got to go to a showing where Christopher Nolan did a Q&A. Go see it if you haven't!
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Great film!

By mrpuzzled
Written February 06, 2011
Guy Pierce was fantastic. The story reallyesses with traditional structure and allows for quite a good time as we follow the protagonist. Highly recommend it
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Five Word Review

By This fans fa you
Written February 19, 2010
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