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By nadeemstooges
Written July 14, 2013
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The Marine - too corny to be real

By Vision2007
Written January 02, 2007
I had no real hopes of an Oscar winning performance, but the actors could only do so much with such a corny, hoky script. The main character moves well, is in great shape and has the look, but the person(s) responsible for the lines should have had an editor. Continuity is terrible - One scene has him leaving in a sports car to chase his sweetie's kidnappers....only problem, the previous scene showed the same cars front tires being shot out! Terrible mistake...too many others to list. Don't waste your money.
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By xxkarmaxx
Written March 08, 2008
I saw dis movie with my frend a while a go and we thought it wuz awsum the action wuz so cool. john cena is going to be in a movie called 12 rounds which is kinda like this becuz his wife gets kidnapped and i am going to see that when it comes out. THis movie was awsum and the action wuz so cool.
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Horrible and Cheazy

By Mongo
Written December 12, 2006
Come on, this movie must of made a boat load. There was nothing that accumulated a big cost of making. The stupid barn explosions and jumping into water was retarded. This movie needed lots changes to make it anywhere near an action movie. Oh yeah John Cena should not act!!!
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the marine

By ironman16
Written July 17, 2008
this was the dumbest movie ever. bad acting. john cena needs to stay with wrestling. the theme was et bad, but the dialog was bad, just a bad movie. the worst one i ever seen. my grade F-
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