stop and smell the lemons

By lydel55
Written June 24, 2017
It is a pleasure to see a film with the theme of an unrehearsed romance. I believe both of the lead actors are convincing because of their own personal loss. Although I don't always like subtitled films, this movie was handled with subtlety and genuine cross-cultural humor. And, of course, the Italian cinque terre is beautiful.
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Love is All You Need, might have been called It's Never Too Late

By laughrob
Written March 25, 2017
Sweet, fun, funny, full of great characters, esp. Trine Dyrholm the leading lady. She is beguiling and riveting. Mostly shot in Italy which I why I went. That and Pierce Brosnan who never disappoints.
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Amazing Romance for Baby Boomers

By pedsarq
Written January 19, 2017
Two parents on their way to their child's wedding in Italy crash in a parking lot and set off one of the most romantic stories I've ever seen for the fifty-plus moviegoer. The whole movie flows very well - despite being in Danish, Italian, and English - and you'll hardly notice that it's not in English. Please don't let that keep you from seeing this excellent movie about falling in love after one has raised a family and dealt with all of life's hardships. Pierce Brosnan plays the father of the groom and he's a hard boss who is angry with the world ever since his wife was killed in a car accident. Unfortunately, this has made him cold towards his son, but he is interested in making an effort at the wedding. The wife's mother is a cancer survivor who just recently caught her husband with a younger woman. Their relationship develops quickly and Brosnan's character becomes interested in life and romance again and pursues her. His challenge is her low self-esteem. Very romantic!
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Joy to the eye and food for thought

By Ghaleb
Written August 28, 2016
Perhaps not a terribly ingeneous plot or setting, but the transcultural, old and new, and chracter study make this movie a pleasure to see, while going through a well knit plot. A pleasure to see, and again.
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Love Is All You Need

By ellenlv
Written August 26, 2016
This movie has a great story. Lots of laughter, some drama and love for family. I enjoyed it so much, I saw it two weeks in a row. Not many movies I would ever want to see twice , but this was one. Beautiful people in the movie all believable in their parts. Pierce Brosnan looks great and was wonderful.
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