Worst Movie EVER!

By bianwynn
Written November 11, 2015
I gave up my entire night to watch this movie as soon as it hit Redbox! This movie has an unidentified genre in my opinion. The stuff that she did in this movie was a very bad description of how we are as teens. I have always been a miley cyrus fan but.... Who wrote this? its stupid, i thought that somebody had finally come up with a good teen romance, if thats what ur looking for then look somewhere else. The only good thing about this was the cast. And whats with the relationships? near the end it reveals that she is involved with her best friends the girl and the guy! What the heck?!?! Makes no sense. I was in the middle of a book that i could've been reading instead, its so terrible that i would've rather have READ A FREAKIN BOOK! That says something. I'm sorry Miley but this was a stinker! I was intrigued by the title thinking that this would be fun and entertaining, and to some it probably is, but to me it was a huge waste of time and i wouldn't EVER recommend ANYONE to see it!
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Couldn't even watch the whole movie.

By marylandmoviegoers
Written February 08, 2015
It was so stupid, we turned it off about a third of the way through. I'm not even sure what the plot was. I watched long enough to know that her family apparently bathes and sleeps together, though. What's with that?
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By rosyna
Written February 08, 2015
It was amazing
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By mydogrosie
Written February 08, 2015
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By Powags
Written May 05, 2012
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