Non stop action!

By karhmann
Written June 27, 2007
Non stop action. Bruce is still kicking major butt, and those one liners he spits out still makes me bust a gut in laughter. A definite must see film on the big screen, don't wait for it on DVD.
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John McClane at His Best

By ryeandchance
Written July 05, 2007
Loved it. As someone else mentioned in another review. You'll enjoy it more if you don't worry about bullet-proof armchairs and car roofs. There's also great comic relief in the midst of the action! Justin Long's character made a great sidekick.
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Live Free or Die Hard

By hadman01
Written October 16, 2007
Great action and some comedy.
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By ~liz~
Written August 06, 2008
OMG ! ! it was really good, it has a good plot, and a sort of funny-corny ending... but the special effets where beyond amazing ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
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Popcorn, check. Drink, check. Bullets, "I ran out..."

By sethrich
Written July 19, 2007
Yippee-ki-yay! With the Die Hard trilogy in the books, twelve years later a fourth installment has graced the screens - Live Free or Die Hard. Bruce Willis returns as NYPD detective John McClane, with his gun, wise attitude, and smart-ass remarks in hand. He's assigned to pick up and protect a computer geek, Matt Farrell (Justin Long, famous for being the Mac guy on television), who is sought after by cyber terrorists attempting to cripple the country. McClane, with timid and whiny Farrell at his side at all times, lets nothing stand in his way while taking out the opposition one man at a time. He backs down to no one, commandeers any vehicle necessary, and seeks out his nemeses. While this film's rating is PG-13, it is just as action-packed (but not nearly as epic) as another summer blockbuster - Transformers. There aren't as much blood spills or obscenities as the previous three Die Hard films, but Live Free or Die Hard most certainly delivers the cinematic punch.
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