The cast was good!

By pollynyc
Written September 03, 2012
It was going along nicely until the last 12 extremely manipulative (and kind of sloppy) minutes.
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No Big Chill

By pedsarq
Written August 25, 2012
This movie is set up like the classic American film, The Big Chill. In this case, a group of friends decide to go on vacation while their friend is in the hospital recovering from a terrible car accident. It is nowhere near as good as The Big Chill and the little white lies and high drama between the characters, unfortunately, doesn't amount to much. It also happens to be nearly 3-hours long, and what a slow and painful 3-hours they end up being. I can't recommend this to anyone. However, if you do end up seeing it, also watch The Big Chill so that you can see how much better the movie could've been.
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This film is great - no lie

By lawrence of arabia
Written September 04, 2012
This is a must see movie. The acting is tremendous. The plot is really good. You will laugh and you will cry. The soundtrack is also very good. Brutally honest film.
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The French Big Chill

By VAmovie_goer
Written September 10, 2012
Little White Lies is a story of a group of friends who discover that what lies underneath friendship is often a complex brew of irrationality and subterfuge. The group is devastated when one of their members is involved in a horrible accident. Torn between whether they should remain in vigil by their friend or take their annual holiday at Cap Ferrat, they decide on the latter. While at the holiday location, they each are confronted with "little white lies", small, dark aspects of their past and present that each of them tries to conceal from each other. The cast was very good, especially Marion Cottilard. I think the film ran on a little too long and some parts of the plot seem disconnected to the main theme of the film. However, I enjoyed the film in the way it presented how even with friends there is so much that is unknown and misunderstoon.
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Little White Liew

By otustani
Written August 28, 2012
I enjoyed not only the scenery, but seeing the various actors.
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