Very Old Fashioned Romance....

By lovestalentmoviefan
Written May 23, 2010
...for both the older and younger couples. Really clean. I wanted to be critical,because this is so unrealistic...but didn't lots of love stories start out to be about the stuff that dreams are made of? When I think back to older films and the love stories they held that didn't rely on sex and raunchy material to make them appealing, I think,yes Letters is a good movie and a nice step back to simpler stories that captivated innocent audiences for years. Some recommends on the older stories if you are in the mood...Breakfast at Tiffany's, Sleepless in Seattle,The Apartment. Will spend money again to support family friendly
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No techie tricks or r-rated gimmicks!!

By keatsgirl
Written May 25, 2010
So I say GO! However, some will not want to spend the money for such a slow moving film. If I wasn't so fed up with all of the above stated material coming out of film makers,I might have just given this a so-so. Letters moves rather ploddingly, dialogue is only average, Seifried is not very dimensional as an actor, and movie just seems boring in areas. (Judging from her work in other movies,I do think Seifried(sp?) will do well as her career matures). THE GOOD STUFF! Sophie's and Victor's situation handled very nicely and realistically,and will make people think, the sophistication of Vanessa Redgrave, the relationship between the two women, and the respect shown to elders,as opposed to so much entertainment out there inferring that older people are insignificant,and their love lives are simply over. It is a sweetly sentimental treat. Big screen gives it magic,so maybe it will be worth it for ya!
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Exactly what the trailers showed

By birac
Written February 23, 2015
So I really don't recommend spending money on this,unless you want the Italian countryside on the big screen. It was pretty bland because,as beautiful as Seyfried is,she isn't very accomplished. Lots of the big eye expressions and cute smiles,but no meat. The stately Ms.Redgrave was a treat,even the male newcomer showed some talent in the gamut from obnoxious snob to a man coming to realize life was not all about him. He did it without overacting a great epiphany moment as so often happens in this type film.(the exception was an unreal balcony scene,but I blame that on the director) It had a couple of nice substories and was ok. I spent money to take my mom,but my gut had been telling me that's my recommend to you. wait to rent
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Letters to Juliet is Excellent!

By tats4479
Written February 23, 2015
I loved "Letter to Juliet". This movie is emotional... I laughed and cried. The writing was amazing. I really felt like I could relate. I highly recommend seeing it.
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Letter to Juliet

By jferreira
Written June 12, 2010
My husband and I liked the movie very much. The story plot was simple but entertaining. We laughed a lot because we can relate to some of the scenes. The movie surely made me forget my stress for the day. The slight facial expressions of the actors were enough to pull the viewers into the scene. The panaromic views of Italy were enticing. It was justifiably captured. It made us want to visit the country sooner. For girls night out and for dating couples, I highly recommend that they see the Letters to Juliet. It was a nice movie to end the day.
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