LAW ABIDING CITIZEN - arresting thriller! GRADE: B-average (Based on advance VIP press preview that was projected onto a silver screen at a theater)

Written October 02, 2009
Wed. Sept. 30th. This 1hr 45min action/suspense/thriller stars Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx - with a EXCELLENT supporting cast comprising Viola Davis, Colm Meaney, Leslie Bibb, Bruce McGill. The themes of revenge/vengeance and justice weighed heavily on plot - setting the dark dreary tone/ambiance in this high-quality slick production. Nevertheless, it was done at the expense of the various characters' developments. The first half of the movie, the film-makers will have you rooting for Clyde Shelton - then an abrupt switch of gears and we were supposed to view him in a negative light - such indecisiveness is very jarring. I can't help but get the feeling like I was watching a steroid/adrenaline-pumped movie version of TV's DEXTER. The ending was non-cathartic. If the film-makers wanted then to cast Nick Rice as the hero for killing two birds with one stone, I was left majorly puzzled/perplexed by the inconsistency in characterization. Still - worth checking out.
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gross and disturbing

By kjoy8
Written November 24, 2014
sure the premise was a warped and unsettling justice system, but seriously, there are so many other ways to communicate that message without gore and violence. Maybe people who find dismemberment, rape, and exploding heads entertaining will like this movie. I don't, so I didn't enjoy it at all. Since we only were reading good reviews, we spend the 20 friggin dollars to see it and I ended up playing games on my phone because I DO NOT need those images in my head forever. It's awful enough that disturbing and graphically violent things happen in real life. I feel like a deranged person having paid to witness that stuff for entertainment value. It's a tricky thing going to the theater for a movie you wish you hadn't. Leaving: waste of money. Staying: waste of time and brain space. In the end I wish I had left. If you don't want to have horrible images tucked away in your brain for the rest of time for no good reason, don't spend the money, time, or brain power.
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Boycott Jamie Fox

By chriscuster
Written October 16, 2009
I am part of a movement to boycott all celebrities who exhibit racist and misogynist behavor. Not just Don Imus, Kanye West,Chris Brown, but Jamie Fox as well. The biogted, sexxist, anti-white remarks he has gotten away while on his radio show are horrific. He is worse than Don Imus, who at least was not intentionally trying to be hateful. Jamie Fox crossed the line numerous times in his insults of Miley Cyrus and of others. I say BOYCOTT them without consideration of the color of their skins.
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One of the best movies i seen at the theaters.. period

By andrewjayman
Written October 28, 2009
first of all i would like to say that when i went into see this movie i thought it would be one of those that has all the good parts on the previews. from the start i gets you right to the edge of your seat and has you clinching the arm rests, which doesnt let up until the final showdown. i strongly recommend this movie, and might go see it again. if you want to see a lot of suspence and a lot of action then look no further!! trust me!!
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Law Abiding Citizen Remembers

By jimjoel49
Written October 10, 2009
When you pick a movie I hope one factor you will consider, are the actors in the movie using their fame to influence the moral fabric of our society in a positive or negative way? This is not a political statement this is a moral issue that effects are society. When a comedian/actor makes curl sexual and racist remarks about a teenager and her father we should ask ourselves (do I want to support that behavior)? In this case Mr. Foxx behavior tears at the social fabric that teaches our youth right from wrong, good behavior from bad that loving-kindness is better than hatefulness. Mr. Foxx should remember he is only entertainment and there is a lot of that out there for us to choose from. Saying sorry does not get him off the hook. It will not undue the hurt or remove the bad behavior he spreads to our youth. One way to stop this behavior is to stop being a fan of it. No longer see anything they are part of. We cannot change them but we can stop the fame we give them.
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