Warm, Almost Effortless Performances Worth Experiencing.

By Al P
Written June 20, 2015
Although it's short on action, meaning no caped comic characters saving the world yet again, this film delivers genuine portrayals of ordinary people, doing ordinary things while going about their ordinary lives. Granted, this type of script is not for everyone, most especially the short attention span set. This is a movie with a subtlety all its own. Some might miss the whole point of the effort and go away certain that the characters were superficial, or the film lacking in plot or some other such nonsense. If you’re looking for an even-paced warm and fuzzy experience, this is your ticket. Or, there's always that film with the mutant alien decapitations in the theater next door. It's all about what you're into at the time. This one's worth the ticket price but don't expect a blockbuster. Sometimes less is more.
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Enjoyed it!

By saraklingebiel
Written June 20, 2015
Tom Hanks & Julia Roberts are 2 of the most likeable & watchable actors ever. Admit it. There was nothing at all bad about this movie. It was totally enjoyable. It just made me smile. He's totally believable in whatever role he does, you totally trust him as an actor to pull anything off, same goes for Ms. Roberts. The supporting cast was really fun & you could tell they were thrilled to have booked a job working with 2 of the most famous actors to have ever lived. Go escape for an hour & 40mins & see this cute little movie. you'll be glad you did. it'll also make you want to drive a scooter around even if you thought you'd never be caught dead driving one. :)
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larry crowne

By ywsf
Written July 02, 2011
it had good moments and poor moments. it was bad editing and didnt really flow. I was disappointed.I really wanted it to be great but it wasn't. its an average movie. Go see the bargain matinee.
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Crowne The King a happy King!

By nhcostanza
Written July 02, 2011
Great movie as usual by the great Tom Hanks. Although I can see the age catching up with Tom in his face he has yet to slow down in providing the movie industry with heartfelt powerful movies with messages. This may not have the deepest message but its underlying theme is to face life and its turbulence with strength and overcome adversity. It is a film that is needed during times like these. Times when films are usually based on the material happiness that todays culture preaches to us. But Mr. Crowne started out as a man happy with a job that doesnt seem like the usuaul pinnacle succes in todays society,. He is the manager at a Walmart esque dept. store and he loves every minute of it. I celebrate this type of real life accomplioshment. Even though it is taken away from him by the greedy unhappy miserable office types which represent a lot of the business people I have known in my life he reaches for new goals. He is in know way worried about makinpg others happy only his own happy.
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Larry Crowne

By grannyat39
Written July 02, 2011
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