KNOWING - won me over! GRADE: B-MINUS

Written March 24, 2009
(Based on an ACTUAL advance press preview - Wed. March 18 2009). I'm glad that I chose to attend tonight's advance press screening of KNOWING - given that I had a choice of three advance press screenings to choose from. This 1hr 55min movie caught me TOTALLY by surprise because I had very low expectations for it since I am not a major fan of Nicholas Cage plus his recent movies downright sucked - Bangkok Dangerous, NEXT, Wicker Man.. What I like about KNOWING: 1) the tightly scripted plot, kept my attention, breezed along at a good even pace - was skillfully directed by Alex Proyas(director/producer/screen-writer) 2) above-average production values AND cool special effects 3) intelligent family-friendly PG-13 movie that does not have gratuitous car chase scenes or gratuitous violence or daft alien twins in a dumb plot movie. VERDICT: Worth checking out. Parents be advised that there are disturbing death/disaster scenes.
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Edge of your seat!

By chrisinbeav
Written February 13, 2016
I thought I had an idea of what this movie was about... It was so much more. Some of the character development is a little slim but it works out okay. The "action sceens" are intense. They are not gory, but very realistic. There were many gasps in the theater, including me. An obvious religous overtone, but not in your face about it. Please don't take your little ones. It will be too much for them to handle. It might be too much for some adults to handle. Overall the movie was very entertaining. I highly recomend it!
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By twilight_luverr93
Written February 13, 2016
Hola everyone!! i kno this movie isnt out yet, but i still think everyone should go see it. trust me on this, ohk?? i've seen MANY movies in my lifetime (which isnt really that long lol), and i kno a good one when i see it. twilight_luverr93 sayz peace out!
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Great build-up but the ending plopped

By RandytheMovieFan
Written February 13, 2016
Take a creepy supernatural thriller. cross it with elements from Signs and Close Encounters, throw in some phenomenal disaster scenes and you should have a Must Go movie, right? After the first 90 minutes I would have said yes, but the final 20 minutes for me was a big Huh, that's it? I think a lot of people will love this movie, but it fell short of that for me. I won't give away away plot details here, but will say that if you're going to see this movie, the big screen is definitely the way to go.
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By Sruss745
Written February 13, 2016
This is one of the few Nick Cage movies that I haven't liked. I was very disappointed, not in his acting but the whole plot for the show. It just wasn't good. The premise that we should let our children go to aliens without us and just plan to die, didn't hold much hope for the future to me. Being told to trust these beings that were obviously powerful, without knowing them or understanding them was chilling. Who in their right mind would do that? Also there is NO mention of God in this movie, although they tried to merge aliens with prophecy, which didn't work if you know the Bible. It was unrealistic in that if it really was total destruction, I know that people would be seeking their creator and not aliens for help! Knowing God as I do though, I know that He already would have had people that turn to Him in the palm of His hand and have planned a way of escape for them. It's in the Bible already, God knows the future and has told us a lot about it in the Bible..Daniel and R
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