a good story with intellectually and emotionally jarring twists

By Kathi10025
Written September 16, 2007
likable quirky characters, interesting setting-but most importantly, love, courage and intelligence where we might not have thought we would find them!
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King of California a Kingly Feast

By treeheart
Written September 16, 2007
I really enjoyed this film. It was delicately played by all parties -- including the director, who could have easily turned it into a melodrama. For all its sadness, it was a very sweet film and well worth seeing.
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The King of California Fails to be King

By madygoldstein
Written September 16, 2007
I had listened to an interesting interview on NPR radio with Michael Douglas recently, and was excited to hear about this new film--particularly where he sported his own beard, and had the opportunity to really show his craft. Alas, the movie was slow and boring and did not have enough of a script to keep it going, in spite of great performances by all. It had potential, but it missed the boat. It needed more characters, more spice, and some story line that would make it gel. It was tediously slow, not much action, and not believable relationships. This screenwriter needs to go back to the drawing board and figure our what went wrong. Definitely a different director was needed. Best scene, Michael Douglas in his wet suit in Cosco. Sorry Michael, I was so excited to see it but quite let down by the script.
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Strtange but wonderful

By mary30
Written September 16, 2007
I expected a comedy which this really wasn't and, about halfway into it, I debated leaving because I didn't know how much my 10 year old was liking it. But she was hooked and I realized I was too. It's very compelling and kind of touching and the performances are great.
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King of California

By cultural barbarian
Written September 17, 2007
Pretentious and self-conscious, Michael Douglas in a wanabee Indy film that is dour rather than dizzy and sacherine rather than sweet. It wants to be Sideways but ends up full frontal baloney.
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