I laughed until it hurt !!!

By prettyredchick
Written September 11, 2011
This is kevin harts best so far... it was non stop laughter..all i can say is PINEAPPLES !!
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Funniest Man Ever!

By Thalian25
Written September 10, 2011
I am a HUGE Kevin Hart fan and I was excited when I heard that his stand up tour was becoming a movie. This is a must see and I gaurantee that you will laugh so hard throughout the whole thing!
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laugh at my pain!!

By mileslong32
Written September 12, 2011
the movie was off the hook. my wife and i saw the tour in NJ and had to see the movie!!
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laugh at my pain

By johng74
Written September 12, 2011
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Funny, Audience Pleasing Show...A Bit Too Pay-TV Ready.

By Al P
Written October 25, 2011
This man's not fooling a real comedy fan. He's a pro. No doubt about it. I'm an old guy. Seen them all, back to Lenny Bruce, Cheech and Chong, George Carlin, Red Fox, Richard Pryor, Andy Kauphman, Freddy Prince, Eddie Murphy, Robin Williams, Whoopi and on and on. It's obvious who schooled this guy. All of them and more. This kid's got a bright future and while he may appear a tremendous success to his fans, lasting as long as those I just mentioned, now that depends on his ability to move with the crowd. What I saw in this film was funny, aimed squarely at its intended audience but in order to grow his audience and maintain his success over time, he'll need to tone down some of the crass. It worked for Fox, Pryor and Murphy. It'll work for him too. He's good. This one's funny but too packaged for me to take any pretence of spontaneity seriously. Still, there's an hour of comedy here worth seeing. Don't worry about being late and you can leave early without missing much.
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