Jumping the Broom

By cmread
Written November 04, 2014
This movie was excellent! All of the actors were great! Laz Alonzo is such a handsome man and Paula Patton is full of beauty. I did appreciate the twist in this movie that I did not see coming. The location was very nice, although I know it was not filmed where they said, the Hamptons, but it sure made me think it was. Great directing. It was a positive message to young women to save thier cookies and if he's the one for you, he will wait. Don't give a boyfriend, husband privileges. Get my drift? Keep making positive movies like this!
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By Fanastasia1
Written September 20, 2012
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By raqraq
Written November 04, 2014
A funny movie with romance and lots of sexy bodies.
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Jumping The Broom

By Triathlete1
Written November 04, 2014
This is a great movie for the whole family. Touching, funny, reflective, and insightful. The acting is good and the storyline, while predictable at times, has some interesting twists to it. Angela Basset is her usual outstanding self. Her performance is matched by Loretta Devine an Mike Epps. Go see this movie, relax and enjoy.
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Romantic Comedy

By ladybugcoach73
Written November 04, 2014
I liked it well enough, and appreciated the language (no words to bleep out for the kids!).
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