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John Carter... Original, Adventurous and Fun!

By Geek Soul Brother
Written March 09, 2012
Imagine INDIANA JONES, but in a rustic Sci-fi adventure. JOHN CARTER is mysteriously transported to Mars, where he meets strange people and creatures, fighting for control of the planet's limited resources. He also meets Dejah Thoris, a beautiful princess whose very life is in danger. The Story was fun and adventurous, with Carter rushing into battles, sword in hand, either to fight for friend or save Princess Thoris. Ancient desert cities, magnificent buildings, unique and beautiful flying vehicles made it a visual joy. The characters were likable, especially considering some were CG. Taylor Kitsch did a nice job playing the 'Fighting Man from Virginia.' Most of the acting and directing were pretty good. The pacing was fast, with only a couple dialog heavy parts to catch up the audience. Most John Carter fans should enjoy it, but if you are new to the story, then you should really enjoy it. PG-13, but good family fun. gives John Carter 3.75/5 Cosmic Afros.
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Great Sci-Fi Classic

By NamFam99
Written February 06, 2015
Ignore all the ignorant critic reviews about this movie that complained about how everything seen has already been done before. Remember, instead, that everything we have seen before has only been done because it was inspired by the book this movie is based on. This was a great chance to see on screen the source material for so many of our modern sci-fi classics. Luckily, the movie does not disappoint and does a good job of sticking to its source material. The various alien species are dealt with in a dignified manner (no Jar Jar here), and even the pet dog-ish alien, the one creature my husband and I feared would be childish or campy, was handled in just the right way to be cute and endearing instead of irritating. The one warning I will give is to not bother with the 3-D. The director didn't want it, so it really doesn't add anything to the experience and will only irritate you at having paid the money for something entirely unnecessary for your viewing enjoyment.
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John Carter or Princess of Mars

By permanentlyout
Written February 06, 2015
The movie was very well done with exceptional costumes. The explanation at the start of the movie was a must if you hadn't read the books. I wish they could have incorporated more of the story (how John becomes a Jeddek) while on Mars to explain a few things that didn't have good continuity. The acting of Lynn Collins (Dejah Thoris) was terrible! If a sequel ( I hope) is made then please replace her! I cringed every time she spoke. Seriously needs acting lessons some more. I think Andrew Stanton could have done a bit more with her direction. Being a very long movie I know not all of the story could have been told but a lot was left out that would have helped explain several reasons John Carter did what he did for Dejah. This is definitely a movie for the whole family as it is along the lines of Star Wars type films. The cinematography was definitely great but you could tell it is a Disney/ Pixar film. All in all I felt I was right there in the 3D IMAX theatre!
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Worth seeing! Don't listen to the critics on this one.

By drewski79
Written June 16, 2015
John Carter was awesome! Highly recommend. Was what Star Wars Ep. 1 could/should have been. Great characters, action, romance, humor, effects. The ad campaign didn't do justice to what the movie is. It is what it's trying to be, a space spaghetti western, not an Academy Award winning drama. It doesn't take itself too seriously, but the stakes still feel high. It's more fun than Avatar and less pretentious. Go see it! It deserves/needs a sequel.
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Wow!! Great Movie experience overall

By latnlvr8
Written February 06, 2015
Well first I want to mention that I sat in a huge theater with only about 20-25 people in it at the midnight showing. I never rate movies because i'm just a sci-fi fanatic and love movies overall. But, in this case I had to say something otherwise This movie won't get the credit it deserves. I don't think it was advertised enough. So the movie has to explain what's going on but does not waste too much time in doing so. Once you get into the meat of it you will be on a long rollercoaster ride and not wanting to get off. It has some funny stuff (won't spoil it here) and has lots of action, and fighting sequences. A little romance, and of course the token villain. Our hero has to be pushed to do what he does not, but in a good way. The scenery although mostly desert like still has grand scope and stunning visuals. The Special effects/CGI did not take away from the movie but added what I thought was alot of real looking characters, building, and crafts. Go you will not ne dissappointed.
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