screaming, pratfalls, and more screaming

By allyson198
Written June 26, 2016
If you like REALLY over-the-top physical slapstick, you'll probably love this movie. Personally, I don't, so this was 3 hours of torture for me (yes, 3 hours). Characters screaming, mugging for the camera, knocking things over and breaking things for endless stretches of time, hitting and knocking each other down, interspersed by screaming and more screaming. I thought it would never end. That being said though, I was one of the only ones in the theatre not enjoying it.
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The Best Comedy Ever Made!!

By Moviedude
Written April 13, 2016
This is indeed the comedy to end all comedies.Every second of it is hilarious,every second also has some of the best comedians ever,the best car chase scenes ever filmed are in here,and lastly,it's just downright HILARIOUS.Everyone is firing on all cylinders(literally) in a classic car chase to find a stolen lost fortune.Everyone is on top of their game,but how can they not be,they're comedians,especially Ethel Merman.I love Ethel in here,she's the funniest of all.Loved The Three Stooges cameo,one of the best moments in the movie,however you can't really say there is a bad part in here.Every scene just bursts with side-splitting LOL moments.It's my favorite comedy of all time, and it will probably be yours.Actually,I can't put all the details in this small review space,so I'll end it with this:If you haven't seen it,SEE IT ASAP,trust me you will,or never have laughed this much in your life.So get ready to laugh,and enjoy the madness of It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World.
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Its a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad world

By camenatlast
Written January 31, 2016
Mad World is the funniest movie ever made! Even though I've seen it many times over the years, I couldn't believe how better it was on the big screen, in Ultra-Panavision-70!
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Fantastic movie

By Dintym
Written March 03, 2016
A who's who's of comedians from the 60's.
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It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World

By corrall4
Written April 11, 2016
I took my son and grandson to this movie, of course having seen it many many times myself, I wanted to experience it on the big screen and it was fantastic!! I know the movie very well almost word for word, but that didn't matter, it was still as funny as the first time I had seen it. This idea of bringing back the classics to see in the movie theaters now is fabulous and I hope to enjoy more of them in the future.
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