• Released
  • April 1, 2011
  • (Special screening on 3/29)
  • PG-13 , 1 hr 42 min
  • Horror

A must see for a good scare.

By fernandezj57
Written March 30, 2011
Everything you expect in a horror film thrown out the attic window, Insidious is not one you'll soon forget. From the people behind Saw and Paranormal Activity, Insidious is a chilling story about a family haunted by those not of this realm. Starts a bit slow but quickly picks up with no intention of slowing down. Passable CGI, A few cliche moments that serve for a good laugh but when the moments that make you cringe take pass, you'll definitely think twice before you walk into the dark again.
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I want my two hours back

By DDura
Written March 25, 2011
Went to a sneak preview of the movie last night. I can tell you that I did enjoy Paranormal Activity and since it was made by the same people gave this movie a positive outlook. But after watching this I can say that I can think of at least a dozen uncomfortable things to do for two hours then watch this movie a second time. Started being bad with the credits and went on like that straight to the end of the movie. Bad FX, bad acting, bad story line, and plots points that didn't fit together at all. Just another example of how the people that made the commercial did a better job editing the movie to look better then the movie really was.
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By 1 Movie Seeker
Written March 28, 2011
I actually enjoyed this movie, the beginning left much to be desired, put it picked up. Of course it had its moments, but overall this movie ended up being very interesting.
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Horror Terror Fear

By rockydoggies
Written April 08, 2011
Oh Betty....I lost track of how many cold tingling chills that had ripped throughout my body. Nice to feel an impact of horror and shear terror without the need of excessive blood or guts. Masterfully done. I love this movie. I gotta figure out who the heck this director was, IMDb time. Freaking Great movie. There were some things that could have been better, but so what, it was still awesome. Pay attention to each scene because there are things in the background that will haunt you. Patrick Wilson is great at playing the average guy and Rose Byrne is so hot. If you see it or can recognize it, the film does pay homage to Poltergeist which is one of my favorite films.
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By mikeyphilly05
Written April 01, 2011
insidious was a pg13 horror movie that i was more interested in watching with my friends than actually paying much mind to. i figured it would be a cheap tricks flick that was cut clean enough to allow teens to buy tickets to a horror movie. I was very impressed though once the lights went down. it held its own and established a name for itself in my mind before movie was over. it also respectfully paying homage to many classic horror films from poltergeist, exorcist, hitchcock films, to even more modern ones like paranormal activity. towards the end i think it did become a tad predictable and certain elements should have been left more to the imagination which would have kept the suspense level higher, but it still managed to keep me on edge till even after the credits were done rolling. at least this movie was worth criticizing though. if you like horror films then i highly recommend giving this a try especially now when a good scare is hard to come by.
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