5 people walked out of movie. There were about 12 people sitting in the theater!

By m3trooper
Written January 20, 2017
I guess those hysterical parody movies of the previous decades, (Airplane, Naked Gun 33 1/3, Scary Movie, Hot Shots, etc) are over. The producers of today's Parody Movies seem to try entirely too hard to be outrageous and shocking, that it just becomes plain ole stupid. Yeah, it had it moments where I actually laughed, but the movie itself was put together so poorly, that as a whole, it was horrible. This movie aims to offend. I guess the 5 people that walked out were among those offended. Definitely not worth seeing in the movies, and not even to rent on DVD/Bluray. Wait til it's on HBO to watch it one late night, when you just can't sleep, and are tired of flippin through endless infomercials. And speaking of infomercials, one of it's stars makes it's appearance in this movie.
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By mltyplx
Written October 25, 2016
How anyone thought this abortion could possibly make money is unbelievable!!! Adrien Brody should be forced to turn in his SAG card!!! I saw a film of an old woman who got crushed under a bus and it was funnier than this piece of CRAP!!!! I left after about the third awful skit and thankfully was able to get my money back. I should have known something was up when I realized I was the only person in the theater!!!!
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By junbug20
Written January 16, 2017
Why did I spend money on that? booo....
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What did you expect?

By smithc93
Written March 23, 2013
From the guy who made the Shamwow and the slap chop commercials, sued the church of Scientology and the Farley Brothers for "There's Something About Mary", got arrested for assaulting a hooker what did you expect? This movie was clearly trying to bait off the popularity, or the popularity that they thought movie 43 would have. As we know movie 43 bombed. Somehow this movie is even worse
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Worst movie I have ever seen.

By craignyc22
Written March 23, 2013
Do not go. It's not funny at all. I like in PC comedy. This is not even close. After 45 minutes I walked out. Worst movie I have ever seen.
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