Can You Say Oscar Winner?

By FatesFury
Written May 05, 2016
I saw the midnight showing of this and.. WOW! Now, it's the next day.. and I'm still shaking with pieces of the film still playing over in my head. ("Please say hello to me.") This is NOT your everyday zombie/vampire shoot-em-up blockbuster. This story is a visceral one that truly explores the human spirit and the toll one person can pay for a reason, any reason, to survive. The acting is intensely SUPERB. Will can always be counted on to better himself in everything he does and here, he both broke my heart and mended it over and over with his character's spirit. The shots really helped to strengthen the redundancy of the life he lives without boring the viewer. Again, this is NOT a shoot-em-up blockbuster, so those looking for action from start to end will be disappointed. Overall, this is a MUST-SEE movie in line for some awards. It has been years since I truly FELT a movie like this and I imagine it may be a few more years until something comes along to match it.
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By moviefanwith3kids
Written December 19, 2007
How can you not love this movie!? It had everything you want in a movie: Too many jump out of your seat scary moments to count, Will smith, incredible special effects, Will Smith, Some very heartwrenching moments and did I mention Will Smith? (What can I say he was doing pullups without his shirt on and had a 6 pack!) The movie was so engrossing that the audience was virtually silent the whole time. You did not even see people getting up to use the restroom etc. See this one on the big screen, it is worth it!
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By iamaflamingo
Written May 05, 2016
Shure, you could watch it ONCE! Not somthing to watch over and over again. The movie has a horrible ending, it makes no sence whatssoever, and you wait to long of a line to watch a movie that should of been as good as the presuit of happyness. Really somthing to watch only when your board.
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Very Bizzare!!!

By Chefdog03
Written December 29, 2007
I was privileged to see an advanced screening of I am legend on 12-10-07, and it was okay. I didn't know what to expect from the preview but it was pretty good. A little bizzare but not bad at all. Do not take young children as most of the little ones were scared of the flesh eating "night walkers". It was exciting, sad and emotional with a happy ending. Smith fans will not like how it ends but it works well for the movie. I recommended this movie for fans of horror, sci-fi or any one who wants to see a movie that is out of the ordinary. The empty streets of NYC were cool since it is never like that. Over all I give the movie 9 of 10. As a little joke, look for the price of gas on the sign. Maybe thats what we will be paying in 2012. Hopefully not.
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Good, but unexpected...

By sindrey
Written December 13, 2007
To start things off, I read the book and had a sneak preview pass. Having seen the teaser trailer long ago I was quite intrigued, then once the theatrical trailer was released I was even more so. I bought and read the book immediately. For those who have read it, the movie is an entirely different entity. My girlfriend and I went to the movie not quite knowing what to expect, seeing as the previous attempts at movies were less than great. It was much more dramatic and thrilling than either of us had anticipated! This is not a movie for kids whatsoever. CGI is great, the story is held up well enough. They are able to portray the psychological effects of being alone for so long in a very visual and emotional way. Overall I did enjoy the film and will definitely buy it once it comes to DVD.
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