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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Hush!?
Hush! is 2 hr 15 min long.
Who directed Hush!?
Ryosuke Hashiguchi
Who is Katsuhiro in Hush!?
Seiichi Tanabe plays Katsuhiro in the film.
What is Hush! about?
Naoya (Kazuya Takahashi) is busy leading his modern life as a gay man, but has a suspicion that something is missing from his world. Suddenly, he meets and falls in love with a man named Katsuhiro (Seiichi Tanabe) . When a woman named Asako (Reiko Kataoka) proposes that she and Katsuhiro have a child together, Naoya opposes the idea. As Naoya, Katsuhiro and Asako struggle along they eventually come to the realization that they will have to decide for themselves the true meaning of family.