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Not what I expected

By nise1231
Written December 31, 2014
As someone following the marketing campaign of the movie, I had an image in my mind of what this movie would be. Having seen it, I have a completely new one and I find that incredibly exciting that they really didn't give much away. I would argue that posters and trailers have painted this as an epic battle but the movie felt tense and personal. There's a real sense of following Katniss, even with something as simple as adjusting to the bright sun as she pops into the arena. As everyone expects, Lawrence doesn't disappoint and does so largely without speaking (counting to herself, shaking in pain etc.), but other truly delightful and perfectly cast actors are Stanley Tucci, Elizabeth Banks (didn't really expect that) and Woody Harrelson. The absolute highlight for me was the Reaping, which was chilling to a point that I didn't expect the movie would reach, even knowing the storyline. Overall a solid, emotionally tense movie that paves the way for future installments.
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A very abridged version of the book :-/

By kristal.matlock
Written December 31, 2014
The Hunger Games was a good movie but could have been great! The cast that was picked is excellent and embodies what I pictured in the book well. Where this movie disappointed me was in the details. Yes, I know that you cannot put the entire book in the movie so it is ok to edit out minor details. But the dialogue was not even close to what was said in the book, making the story less recognizable. Also, important scenes in the arena, for instance the entire time the two main Katniss and Peeta spent hiding in the cave, was completely glossed over. This is unfortunate because Katniss and Peeta's feelings for each other really came to light during that point in the book and is very important to future films. This is a "must go" for non-readers and a "so-so" or "go" for people who are expecting the books to come to life.
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Good, but had more potential

By paulaarond
Written January 01, 2015
For those that have not read the book will find that it is a very good and entertaining movie. For those die hard fans out there, it was exciting to see the book come to life, but the movie left some things to be desired; a few more crucial details from the book would have been nice. The acting was ok, but the chemistry and relationships between characters needs to be worked on for the next movie.
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Didn't Get Any Sleep!

By i_want_tickets_now
Written December 29, 2014
in terms of a movie, it is FANTASTIC. in terms of the book, meh... they definitely left out a few key parts if you read the book. *******SPOILER ALERT - if you haven't read the book, DONT READ THIS!******** peeta is supposed to lose his leg. it is vitally important for the next two books... ***NOT A SPOILER*** there is an awesome amount of gore (but not too nasty), so that is pretty true to the book. great special effects and score! anyway, go see it. now. i'm serious. stop reading this. NOW. go to the movies! ^not kidding about that last comment
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Hunger Games a Disappointment

By jaston
Written April 17, 2015
Hunger Games was a disappointment after all the hype. The shaky videography was so distracting that it was difficutl to even see what was happening. The incredible costumes and scenery were lost and left the viewer wondering what they really looked like not to mention the wasted time, effort and money that went into creating them. There were very few moments where you could focus on what was going on. And forget trying to figure out what was happening in the action sequences. Instead of the excellent stunt acting of the past, we are now left to watch camera technicians shake, wobble, and try make feel you are there instead of watching what could have been an incredible movie. Other than that, the movie did an OK job of interpreting the book.However, I doubt if anyone who had not read the book would have a clue what was going on.
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