Don't listen to others, this is not torture porn!

By alacran79
Written March 06, 2016
I must say, I went to see this cool little flick based on the premise alone. I knew I wasn't going to be getting some cinematic masterpiece, but hey it's a movie about a mad scientist conjoining three people into 1 lifeform. The premise alone has more balls than the majority of Hollywoods crap "horror" output combined. The movie does have some unintentionally(?) funny moments, and the acting at times can be pretty bad, which might put some off, but you can't tell me it's due to the gore. The movie is quite tame in that respect. There're a couple of scenes that might be cringe inducing to some, but really, anything that might make you sick to your stomach is probably imagery your mind has concocted to fill in the gaps. If you like b-movie level flicks with fun/interesting concepts, horror films that actually take chances, or if you just want something that hasn't come out of Hollywood give Human Centipede a chance.
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Five Word Review

By chambertlo
Written May 26, 2010
One DISTURBING emotional roller coaster
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Doctor needs human anatomy class

By t21100
Written July 18, 2010
I knew this would be gross, and it is but if you really think about it, they weren't connected in an anatomically correct way. Butthole placed way top high. Not that that matters, it was entertainment. When the credits came up, the entire audience laughed. The "entire audience" consisted of 7 people including myself.
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Five Word Review

By nightdemon68
Written May 21, 2010
Disgusting on a new level
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Five Word Review

By LN1
Written May 01, 2010
degrading shameful abusive ugly dismissible
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