“HOW TO LOSE FRIENDS & ALIENATE PEOPLE” -- It’s EASY to do in this film!

By jimchudnow
Written October 02, 2008
[From an advance preview:] The title “says it all” as it tells the story of a British writer named Sidney (SIMON PEGG) who’s brought to work at the NYC office of an often “politically-correct” magazine by its once-rebellious editor (JEFF BRIDGES). Sidney is a rude, crude & lewd dude whose slovenly, excessive & blundering ways soon alienate many of those around him, including his boss Alison (KIRSTEN DUNST, who’s quite breezy and enjoyable in the role). Sidney tends to shift between being a very moralistic & straightforward writer to being a butt-kissing hack flack, and then back again. PEGG does a good job in his often-off-putting role, & Bridges is appropriately bemused much of the time. But, while there are a number of mild laughs, overall, I found the film pretty WEAK. It’s not bad in any particular way, but I feel it could’ve been far better if it more clearly went towards whatever it was trying to get across or highlight (either the humor or the efforts towards honest reporting).
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Great Comedy!

By pytljc
Written October 12, 2008
If you are in the mood for a comedy, when there's not many out ... this one's pretty good. I'd recommend it, though I'm not giving it too high a mark. It was entertaining and Jeff Bridges is great!!
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Funny smart and funny crude

By cinema_lvr
Written October 04, 2008
I was expecting a mildly comedic movie and was happily surprised as I thought it was deeply funny. Many people in the audience were laughing very hardily. It's that kind of movie. You'll either think it's deeply funny or not. It definitely has a couple of crude humor scenes that aren't gratuitous, but are necessary to keep the humor from being sophomoric. So if you're offended by crude (frontal) humor/nudity, then you should avoid this movie. Otherwise be prepared to embarrass the person(s) with you because someone is going to bust a out loud! Lastly, there is a bit of a love story in there and even though the movie is a crude humor movie. It's definitely not central to the movie so don't try to push this one off on your date as a love story. The woman in the older couple laughed more openly during the movie than the man. I changed my vote to 50-50 because if you love crude humor and biting dialog, then you'll definitely like it, otherwise probably not.
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Good Movie

By Sweetgurl
Written October 06, 2008
I liked this movie. I like Simon Pegg. This movie didn't have alot of laughs but it was good. I wouldn't say it's a must see film but it's a good movie to watch when nothing else is on.
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just plain fun

By LuisFG
Written October 06, 2008
bring a good sense of humor and some good friends. overall enjoyable and funny, the whole cast does their job. pay no attention to the bad reviews about what the movie "should of been", it is a good movie none the less.
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