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This movie doesn't give a bad scream!

By mattfan12059
Written March 26, 2017
Hotel Translyvania is one of the best animated monster movie of all time! Heck, this was WAY better then Twilight (it even makes fun of it in one scene!). Mavis and Johnny-Stein romance is so touching, so heartfelt! Some funny scenes from charectors like Wayne the Werewolf, Frank, Jonathan, and even Dracula! Must see for all ages of monsters (No humans allowed!).
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Hotel Transylania Rocks

By Snail585
Written June 24, 2017
Took my 7 & 8 year old girls to this movie and we have a grand time. The whole theater laughed, I cried, and we all danced. The story line was kid and adult friendly. I thought it was one of the most adorable animated films that I've seen lately. Go, You'll all enjoy it.
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LOVED THIS, blah, blah, blah

By betbull8
Written February 26, 2017
A bunch of us went last night and I had never been to a movie with a line entering the theater before. All the kids left the movie quoting parts from the movie and my friends and I all agreed that we will have to buy it is soon as it comes out. The kids even want to be the characters from the movie for Halloween. My son is in the kitchen right now, saying, "Blah, blah, blah". Definately a must see!!!
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Hotel Transylvania

By sadieredwang
Written May 03, 2016
I thought it was cute. I think I enjoyed watching all the different type of characters. Majority of the monsters' appearance had me cracking up! Some cheesy parts, but enjoyable movie!
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Something to do with the kids

By Jennifer2016
Written August 24, 2016
It was cute. The story was very sweet. A little slow at times for some adults but a huge hit for kids. Definitely worth seeing if you are out with the kidos.
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