the army version of any situation always sucks

By SCmarine3531
Written November 03, 2007
they should have made a marine version it would have been alot better. the reality of the war scenes were not realistc and inacurate. this movie can go in the garbage just like the series "over there" ha, what a joke
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Made for TV on the big screen.

By grossmaker
Written December 23, 2006
This movie lacks a script, a director that can handle a mediocre script, a budget that can hide a medocre script and direction, and the acting that is necessary to save said problems. Its not the actor's fault per say, nor any one aspect of the elements that make a satisfying film, but the combination there of.
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Biased but very impressed

By DrVid
Written December 13, 2006
I worked on the movie, but was impressed with the down to earth sensitivity that Irwin used in selecting the subject and in his execution. Even the battle scenes were appropriate to this or any war and there was none of the all too familiar effects centric focus on unnecessary violence. The acting was outstanding. I would reccommend it to anyone. And I do not participate in back-end residuals either.
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