By Phronc
Written August 01, 2007
What can I say, this has got to be one of the best movies of all time and definitely one of the best Fantasy movies ever. The sword fights, the flashbacks, the drama, and the acting... all top notch.
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The movie that started it all

By MongrolMan
Written July 29, 2008
This is the movie that started the series. It rocks.
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Highlander is Awesome

By RangerMatt
Written May 03, 2009
The thesis written by senior film student at UCLA (Gregory Widen) turned out to be one of the winningest concepts in the history of Sci Fi. Best not to try an explain every detail of the concept which is why the first movie is such a winner. Amazing musical score by Michael Kamen. Some great tracks by Queen. The story/concept allows for great historical flashbacks and asks the question what would it be like to live forever amongst mortals. Watching those you love die all around you and having to fight for your life against savage and cunning enemies with centuries of experience as well. Great cinematography and Sean Connery was a great as Ramirez. Love this movie. Love most of the TV series.
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By dimashki
Written August 15, 2011
The 70mm print had a different ending, and some additional moments! These scenes aren't available anywhere (on the Blu-Ray, DVD, or VHS releases). Sure hope the American Cinematheque shows it again!
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