General Ticketing Questions

How do I purchase movie tickets?
When will I get my email order confirmation?
Never received/deleted my confirmation email
How do I pick up my tickets?
Are there any discounts for children, seniors, students, military, or groups?
What is reserved seating and how does it work?
Why is a convenience fee added to the price of each ticket?
How do I unsubscribe from marketing emails?
How do I delete my VIP account?
What are credits and how do I use them?
Why was I charged for an unsuccessful order?
How do I redeem the promotional code that I received?
What is a mobile ticket?
How can I verify my ticket purchase and review which credit/debit card I used?
How can I get a barcode of my ticket to scan at the theater?
Did my ticket purchase go through?
Am I required to create a account?
What happened to my account?
Why can't I find the theater I'm looking for?

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