1. How do I redeem my gift card?
2. How do I find my gift card code/pin?
3. Where is the gift card I ordered?
4. What is a Fandango Gift card and where can I buy one?
5. Which theaters can I use Fandango gift cards to buy tickets?
6. Are there any fees for using or buying a Fandango Gift Card?

There are no extra fees when you purchase a Fandango gift card at retail stores, or gift cards that you send via email at Fandango.com or from a Fandango mobile app: you only pay the face value of the card (for example: $25 for a $25 card).

When buying plastic cards at Fandango.com, there is a standard handling fee based on the number of cards in your order. Handling fees cover the custom printing of each plastic card ordered and the personalized Fandango greeting card it ships in. Depending on the level of shipping service you select, there may be a shipping fee as well – the exact amount will be displayed for your review before the order is confirmed.

When redeeming a Fandango gift card for movie tickets, a small per-ticket convenience fee will be applied to the order regardless of whether you are using a credit card, PayPal, gift card, or other payment method to pay for the tickets. Learn more here.

7. What if I need more than 100 gift cards?
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