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What is reserved seating and how does it work?

For select theaters, you can pick and reserve your seat when you can buy your tickets in advance. To find a Reserved Seating theater, look for the "Reserved Seating" icon next to showtimes on Fandango. Once you've selected your showtime and selected the number of tickets, you'll see a seatmap where you can select from available seats.

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How do I use the seatmap?

The movie screen is represented at the top of the seatmap and the first row underneath the screen is the front row. The blue squares are the available seats and gray squares are the seats that are unavailable or already reserved. The squares with a wheelchair icon indicate spaces reserved for wheelchairs. To select your seat(s), please click on any of the blue squares. Once you've completed your purchase, you can locate your specific seat number on your confirmation page and email.

For some theaters, please note that we're not able to leave a single open seat in between selected seats. Seat(s) adjacent to wheelchair accessible areas are reserved for companion seating. Guests not in need of such accommodations may be asked to move.

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