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General Questions

1. How do I purchase movie tickets with Fandango?
2. When will I get my email order confirmation?
3. How do I pick up my tickets?
4. Are there any discounts for children, seniors, students, military, or groups?

Refunds & Exchanges

1. Are Fandango Tickets Refundable?
2. How do I get a refund or exchange?
3. What are Fandango credits and how do I use them?


1. Will my account be affected now that M-GO is FandangoNOW?
2. Are there any changes to my Rewards balance now that M-GO is FandangoNOW?
3. Can I access FandangoNOW with my Fandango VIP credentials?
4. Can I use my M-GO credentials to access both FandangoNOW and Fandango?
5. Can I use my Fandango Gift Card on FandangoNOW?
6. Can I use my M-GO Gift Card or existing M-GO credits for Fandango movie tickets?
7. Who can I call for FandangoNOW support?
8. Will my Ultraviolet account be affected now that M-GO is FandangoNOW?
9. Why do I need to enter my credit card info again when I sign in to FandangoNOW with my Fandango VIP account?
10. Will the FandangoNOW transition affect the credit card I have on file with Roku?
11. How do I access FandangoNOW on Roku?
12. How do I access FandangoNOW on Samsung and LG?
13. Will any of my purchases made on NewEgg be impacted?
14. Are my M-GO credits still valid on FandangoNOW?

Fandango VIP

1. What is Fandango VIP?
2. I forgot the password to my Fandango VIP account and can't sign in.
3. Is my existing Fandango account now a Fandango VIP account?

Gift Cards

1. How do I redeem my gift card?
2. How do I find my gift card code/pin?
3. Where is the gift card I ordered?
4. What is a Fandango Gift card and where can I buy one?
5. Which theaters can I use Fandango gift cards to buy tickets?
6. Are there any fees for using or buying a Fandango Gift Card?
7. What if I need more than 100 gift cards?


1. Where did my "Want to See" list go?
2. Where did my "Ratings" list go?
3. Where did my favorited theaters go?
4. Why can't I add movies to my "Want to See" list?
5. Why can't I add a rating or a review?
6. What happened to my Netflix account synchronization?
7. Why can't I log in to the new Flixster app with my existing Flixster account?
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