Finally a Real Horror Movie

By kdw416
Written March 27, 2009
This movie had everything that you would expect from a horror film. Unlike alot of the garbage of remakes that we are being forced to watch (Friday the 13th) this movie actually scares you. Not since the Exorcist and Amityville Horror have a horror film actuall did what it was suppose to do. Scare you. The acting in this movie was great. Everyone played their part and no one seemed out of place. THe story line just flowed and not at any point do you wonder what is going on. It all went together perfectly. I love horror movies and rarely do I find something that makes me jump out of my seat. This was more of the old horror films that was made in the 70's and 80's. No blood or gore just imagination at it's best. As with any good horror movie there has to be a twist and you get that as well. I have been waiting a long time for a true horror film to come out. Hopefully Hollywood will realize that originality is the way to go and not remakes. Stop with the remakes already.
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What its about

By l3abs
Written January 13, 2009
Basically they took an episode of The Haunting from the Discovery Channel and made it into a movie. If you like watching that show then you will probably like the movie. The kid's bedroom is in the basement where it use to be a morgue. An evil spirit invades him making him angry towards his family. Its on the Discovery Channel a if you want a better idea just go watch that episode. It's titled the same thing.
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I Just Watched the Screening

By jboy82
Written March 26, 2009
I guess i was expecting more from this movie cause it was based on a true story and the commercials look scary but the storyline was kinda weak. Tho there were a few jumpy parts and i get really jumpy during scary parts which i think this movie will due good this weekend cause there is nothing else to watch this weekend. Acting was blah, kinda wanted to fall asleep during the middle of the movie but sound effects and visual were decent. I feel like i wasted my time in line just to watch this boring movie.
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By Dark_Chameleon
Written March 25, 2009
This is ridiculous..If we're going to a restaurant and want a review we dont listen to someone whos never eaten there or even looked at the menu, this is supposed to be a place that we gain knowledge rather then read what someone writes without any information other then a trailer and their own deep rooted political/sexual/entertainment views. Listen to someone who has been to the movie...and if theyre giving a review a while before the movie comes out treat their review with Skepticism as there are only a few out there who have been to a preview and others are actual employees from the studio that have seen it and have a reason for it to do well. PEOPLE...if your unsure about going to see this or any other movie wait till after the first day and then come to Fandango, read the reviews and make an informed judgement, after all if we want to be the first to see a movie we're not going to read any reviews before going and if we need a review then we need info not bias, Thankyou
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“THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT” = Think TWICE before you agree to buy a House! =

By jimchudnow
Written March 24, 2009
(Per an advance preview:) This based-on-a-true-story film is set in '87 & tells how a mother (VIRGINIA MADSEN) agrees to buy an old house (oddly enough, in CT) to allow their ill son Matt (KYLE GALLNER) to be close to his treatment center. Only the mother initially knows the place used to be a FUNERAL home and habitat of some very SPOOKY & unexplained goings-on in the past. Poor ill Matt is troubled by a bunch of increasingly strange supernatural happenings, & they soon begin to extend to the five other members of the family. As “fate” would have it, a handy priest (played by ELIAS KOTEAS) turns up who tries to help get RID of the burgeoning bizarre behavior, which directly involves using Matt to combat the ghosts of the past. Here, the paranormal’s NORMAL, & the eerie ISN’T cheery! Thankfully, this is an “OLD”-style Horror film (meaning, NOT basically a “slasher” flick). The 3 leads do a GOOD job in being believable, & it’s a surprisingly EFFECTIVE film since the CREEPY isn’t sleepy!
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