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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2: The IMAX Experience

By Glenno76
Written July 15, 2011
The movie was Great...the 3D effects were very well done and in IMAX it really made the movie very good. The story made me think back to the book many times. The acting was first rate by all. I would highly recommend this move to anyone who loves HARRY POTTER BOOKS OR MOVIES......... IT WAS AWESOME!!!!.......AND IMAX Made a big impact where it counted in the movie.
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thrilling action

By ashleygailh
Written July 15, 2011
As the final movie in a series, this movie really gives fans what they're looking for: an action packed movie full of emotional moments and awesome battle scenes with great images. It's interesting from start to finish, without seeming too long.
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By tnm1711
Written July 16, 2011
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By micahe
Written July 16, 2011
I found this final episode to be the most the Best! HP7 could have stood alone...without the other Potter Movies :-)
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By zondervan0
Written July 18, 2011
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