Grudge Match Synopsis
A boxing promoter offers two rival boxers the chance to come out of retirement for one final bout.
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Grudge Match

By Dtbabs30
I felt it was entertaining, quite a few laughs. Alan Arkin always is a joy to see. The show is somewhat predictable but nonetheless it was a great way to spend Christmas Day. The last cut with...

worthwhile movie

By apraisr
I really enjoyed it, im a big fan of Robert DeNiro. he is one of my favorite actors. The language was kinda off key but what can you expect. I dont think its a movie for 15 and under, i may be old...


By breakingglass
Mostly unwatchable during long stretches of the film. Kevin Hart tries, but the terrible dialog, and phoned in performances by the stars makes this the can miss movie of the holidays. 1 star....

Good movie for the holidays.

By avprog
If your tired of unexpected trash being peddled by Hollywood (AKA) The Wolf of Wall Street, then go see this movie. If anything, it's safe to take your family....

These 2 are good!

Go without expectations and just enjoy it! Lots of laughter & a bit of heart-tugging in this story of 2 regular guys that got older as life happened. A few subplots entwined about doing the right...

Grudge Match

By katetozz
Loved this movie! and everybody in it! DeNiro was a well-balanced cocktail of bad guy / good guy, Stallone the strong, silent...well, Rocky. KIm Basinger was perfectly cast, perfectly lovely. Alan...

Very entertaining!

By klynn9269
Went to see this movie on New Year's Eve with my husband, three sons (ages 21, 18 and 16) and my son's girlfriend. Everyone really enjoyed the movie....

I give it two thumbs up

By Stallion30
I have been a huge Stallone fan since Rocky, and gotta say this is one of his better films. Robert De Niro also made the movie. He is a great actor, and very funny in Grudge Match. A must see movie....

Grudge Match

By salt108
I would say if you do not have anything to do for a few hours, than it would be a nice form to replace boredom. If I would make a suggestion, see it on your television later in life........

Great movie!

By llerma81
I thoroughly enjoyed Grudge Match! I didn't think I would like it as much as I did but so happy I accepted the invite from my good friend....

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Rated PG-13 | For sports action violence, sexual content and language
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Common Sense Media says Two legends duke it out in underwhelming comedy.
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