It's just not entertaining

By Jaycee5
Written March 13, 2010
Unfortunately this movie was made to promote a political agenda and not to entertain. The action is predictable, the acting was not up to par and the story line is weak. How many bad movies about how much Hollywood hates the Bush administration is Hollywood going to make? I'm sure that the individuals for which this movie was targeted will write reviews that use buzz phrases like "thought provoking", "a wake up call" and will be very demeaning to those who didn't like this flic. Well flame away because this is just one bad movie. Anyone who says different is just part of the choir to which this weak picture preaches.
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Another anti soldier, anti American film with Matt Damon, what a surprise...

By Mightyquick
Written February 06, 2010
This guy never gets tired of acting in movies where soldiers are corrupt, Americans are corrupt and Corporations are evil. I guess either there's no money in showing Democrat corruption, Union Corruption, Acorn Corruption or Matt's just hoping one of these anti-American roles will stick with the Daily KOS crowd. I'm part of a Military service family and I'm sick to death of creeps like Matt, Jake Gyllenhaal and Tobey Maguire portraying our young soldiers in bad roles. Why can't they be in a film where the soldier is what they really are? Hero's. Everyday hero's that put their lives on hold and in danger for this country! But no, they have to act in movies where everyone (but Matt, etc) in the military is corrupt, heartless or a psycho. Matt, you're not good enough to play a military hero. You don't have what it takes.
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By hiltd
Written March 12, 2010
Hated the movie. Instead of a good movie I get preached to once more. Waste of time and my money. If I want to get lectured about the evils of the army I'll read the Huffington Post.
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Brown Zone

By redfueldelux
Written June 25, 2010
I had high hopes for this movie and hoped for an action packed thrill ride. What I got was a 2 hour lecture on how evil the Bush administration was and how they lied about WMD's. I should have known this would be yet another Matt Damon political smear campaign filled with Anti-American, Anti-Military propaganda. (Get over it already Matt, we all know you hate Bush...we really do) The biggest problem with these films is that they are based on pure speculation, but other countries view them as fact. Again, America is the bad guy. When will Hollywood learn that we don't want to pay our hard earned money to see politics? We get enough of that day to day, and let's face it, ticket prices aren't getting any cheaper. Other than the sad message, the movie still suffers. Action is few and far between. And what there is of it, the camera is so shaky, it's almost nauseating. Hopefully this will get a short run and Hollywood will get the message. Not likely though. 4 out of 10
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Terrific Story About the Truth

By wessew101
Written March 06, 2010
Matt Damon is an excellent actor and in this movie he uncovers part of the story of the deception supporting the justification for going to war in Irag. There were no weapons of mass distruction. It was a fabrication. The powers in command at the time arrived at a conclusion and then sought the facts to support their position. This has the makings of a terrific story and in no way maligns our men in arms who were just following orders. On the contrary it has everything to do with the people making the decisions whether it is Korea, Vietnam or Iraq/Afghanistan.
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