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One of DC's best!

By ScottAyala
Written June 19, 2011
Green Lantern is such an epic movie! I'd have to say this movie is even better than the Dark Knight. You can stream it free at the website [BLOCKED WEBSITE] . (c) (ò) (m)
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It was okay...

By pictouch
Written June 18, 2011
To be honest, I expected more from this movie. Not even worth the 3D... Yes, the graphics were nice and all, but if you saw it, it felt like it needed more. There are some parts where you wonder,"Hey, what happened to this and that?!", which leaves out room for another sequel, but I'm not really expecting another one. For me, Reynolds was only there to show off his body and chipmunked face. His acting skills were mediocre along with some of the other actors. The love scenes were very clique... Couldn't stand it when the lovebirds were close to each other by 4 inches, and they were talking the entire time. The effects were great, and lots of action in their. Last of all, Reynolds character had a lack... Mm, let me think... Oh, I know! Creativity? Most of them were very childish. Overall, a decent movie for the teenagers, who have plenty of time to waste, to see. If you want something that has a good plot, then just watch Thor or X-Men First Class. Save your money on this movie... -__-
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Go Green

By Koali
Written February 24, 2017
For a superhero comic brought into moving picture mode this is perfection. I knew it was either panned or praised and I just wanted to see for myself. It is excellent. It neither blows out the comicbook nor diminishes it. It is a parallel. Loved it. Very impressed with the smoothness to keep the authenticity. Perfectly cast. Script right off the pages of a comic series. Not too much or too little of anything. OK - I just read right now that the director Mathew Campbell isn't happy with the editing. So perhaps we are in for a release of the director's preferred movie version. Fine with me. If not I still like this one.
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Are you a 11 year old boy?

By roadrunnerkn
Written June 28, 2017
I'd take a pre-teen boy to see this but as for me (a 30ish mom), I fell asleep. Rent it on video and play cards while your middle schoolers watch it.
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Why such bad reviews?

By Chiss_Athena
Written April 26, 2017
I am not sure why the reviews were bad. I guess my assumption is the predictable nature of the movie. I did like the pacing of the love story. At the request of my friends, I did watch the animated movie - the storyline is much better in the animation than the movie.
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