God's Not Dead Synopsis
A devout student must prove the existence of God or he will will fail his college philosophy course.
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By Donna30
Excellent Movie! If you believe in GOD or if you are even questioning if there is a GOD, then you must go see. I believe if you are questioning things this will put it in a new light....

God is Alive & Well in America

By patapickering
This is a awesome must see movie for all ages. It shows you that Christians will not be pushed aside in todays world. We have let our country or should I say government take God out of some of the...

God's not Dead

By FRMMessina
One of the best movies I have ever seen. When the audience claps during the movie it is a specia filml. I believe we need more of these movies made....

God's Not Dead says it all

By annhull77
Fantastic movie, great actors, clear message, good for everyone especially anyone wondering is there is a God. Loved how they brought in the international struggles and the relationships with the...

God's NOT DEAD!!!! Awesome!

By drewsmom43
I can't say enough good things about this movie! Very well written, produced, edited and the actors were fantastic! Sometimes Christian based movies can make the characters out to be weak, sappy,...


By moviebuff475
The trailer looked amazing and I have questioned whether God is real myself so I thought it'd be a great opportunity to see religion from both sides of the spectrum (I.E. Christianity or Atheism). The...

A Must See

By sistervhenry
For all who are saved it is an Awesome movie, but if you have any friends who are non-believers or on the fence you need to invite them. Very Good Movie all the way through.... God is not just...

Kevin Sorbo AKA Hercules was awesome

By hisgrace385
This is a great movie. I always try to support Christian movies but most of them are bad. Bad acting, Bad script. I usually suffer through them. The acting in this one was great, the script was...

Should be shown in a church as propoganda

By krauseke
I'll put aside the poor acting, staged "set ups" and "oooh he showed you" moments as cinematic drama. This movie made atheists and any non-christians out to be evil, angry, misinformed...

God's Not Dead

By gerryt
This movie explores several points. First it presents all sides of the issue of the existence of God. It explores the human thinking and sometime circular thinking of humans. Next it shows the human...

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Rated PG | For an accident scene, thematic material and brief violence
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Common Sense Media says Teen-friendly faith-based movie is heavy on dogma.
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