By The Crow Critic
Written March 15, 2008
I don't get it. The serial killers talk to the audience. It was interesting(strange). Thats about the best compliment I can give it. There where entire scenes that should have been cut watching Naomi Watts (who is tied up) trying to get off the ground and on her feet for 5 minutes!!! boring!!! Or watching her and Tim Roth trying to dry a cell phone for even longer!!! what was this director thinking. I sat in the theater during the credits with my mouth dropped open trying to understand what I just watched. Then I got a headache from the obnoxiously loud screamo music playing in the credits. SAVE YOUR MONEY.
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Experience it...

By gorebuff72
Written March 25, 2008
Considering that I am a huge fan of conventional horror movies, I knew that watching this movie would be a challenge. I'm glad a I did as it destroyed all the rules of a typical horror movie, breaking the fourth wall and drawing me into the nightmare. I have not seen the 1997 German original, but I've read that this is an exact carbon copy minus the actors and subtitles. I will check it out. We are all so used to seeing fast paced cut and diced editing in movies. I noticed that the long and drawn out scenes made everyone in the theater (including myself) really fidgety. I'm sure this was one of many intentions of the director. The other intention was to throw it all back at the audience and ask ourselves why we are seeing this movie. Is it because we want to be entertained through violence? Well, entertianing it was not, but it was an experience. You will either love or loathe this movie. It certainly left a messy residue in my brain...and that's a good thing
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This is the worst movie I have ever seen.

By amyrdh
Written September 01, 2008
Take my advice and do not waste your time. At least I borrowed it from the library and didn't actually spend money to see it. I really thought about just not returning it so that others may be spared!
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Funny Fags

By Simpson1989
Written July 17, 2008
Let me start with this movie was so stupid I could 'nt beleave how stupid it was it was so [email protected]#$ing depressing the guy who made movie is [email protected]#$in retard!
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Funny Games

By Group5
Written July 17, 2008
This has to be one of the worst movies i have ever seen. And it is completely unfair to the characters in the movie. And the people watching it. Once in the middle of the movie, you think, yes finally they got what was coming to them. But it seemed to be, to good to be true. And at the end your just thinking, there has to be someway they get revenge, or something as been forshadowed. But no it leaves you the repition from the begining of the movie. And that you realize wow i wasted 2 hours of my life and 6.99 watching this movie. I could have spent that time with someone i loved. But this movie certainly was made by the directors to be funny games, more like twisted games if you ask me. These kinda of movies should never be allowed to watch or go inside the home of the buyer of this redicoulous movie. But the one thing you do get out of it is. "Well at least you can't see any other movies as bad as that." So this would have to be a -100000 out of ten. If you bought the movie GOD SPEED
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