what a joke

By A_Ketch
Written January 13, 2010
Seriously...is this the dumbest concept for a movie ever? what the F? Do they think the audience is this dumb. Unbelievable! This shouldn't even be a tv movie, or a straight to dvd movie. How is this even possible? I think I need to start writing movies, because aparently they let just about any idiot come up with them.
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Incredible - Riveting - Terrifying - Don't Miss!

By ssiemi9553
Written February 01, 2010
I just saw this film on Saturday at Sundance - it sounded like a crazy concept, but as an avid skiier I was really curious to see this. I could not believe how incredible this film was!!! From the acting, to the cinematography, to the absolute twists and turns. It was a mindblowing terror-ride, that did not let up -- I loved it! Since Sat, I have told everyone I know about Frozen (everyone who isn't afraid of heights, or terror...) and I sure hope this film gets good distribution in CA so my friends and family get the chance to see it. Amazingly, the film was shot live - 100% on a ski lift, at a resort, in the middle of the night (and day) during heavy storms. No blue screens, no special effects, just stunts. There is some similarity to "Open Water" but this film takes terror/suspense to the next level, while working with a much larger scale backdrop. Note: the negative reviews posted here, are by people who HAVEN'T EVEN SEEN THE FILM! Very uncool.
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By seanboom1
Written June 24, 2012
Frozen is a great film same as 127 hours both great!
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Frozen Review

By Derrick Deane
Written May 19, 2011
Not the greatest thriller, but it has a decent premise and would have benefited from better dialogue and writing. The story starts to lose steam after about thirty minutes and we're left with about an hour of boredom spiked with moments of suspense.
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Five Word Review

By courtneyjucknies
Written December 31, 2010
was really good but sad
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