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By meluvsg
Written April 18, 2016
i absolutely loved this movie. it kept me laughing, but i did cry a little bit. the music and characters are so real you are sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for what will happen next. perfect for all ages!
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Disney's Got Their Groove Back!

By riomono
Written April 18, 2016
Disney has finally regained their writing edge! The animation is beautiful - the dresses and hair are extremely well done, not to mention Elsa's magic is gorgeous. The songs are perfect - beautifully composed melodies and wonderfully written lyrics. The characters are full and complex, and insanely charming. Disney still had it's token comic relief characters, but even those characters became necessary to the story. The plot is well written. I pride myself on being able to see plot twists ahead of time (and maybe I saw an inkling of one) but the story kept them so well hidden that I still gasped at every turn. I laughed (a lot), I cried, and I fell in love. Every second was worth watching. There is not a single moment I would have missed. This is a movie for every age and every gender because it is NOT cookie-cutter Disney and it is NOT just a princess movie. PS: Stay after the credits, people, or you will miss a scene!
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By jeryl71
Written July 05, 2017
The movie is cute. What I wasnt expecting was it to be a musical like Beauty and the Beast or the Little Mermaid. I loved those movies. In Frozen, i personally think that the singing was sort of out of place. There were moments when you got into the movie and then out of no where they bust into song. So you're like huh? I actually was getting irritated with the singing. The song's themselves to me where not that great. There is only one song that was memorable. I think if more effort were put into developing the story line a little more and less effort on the songs then I think it really would have been a GO rating.
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Frozen - fun for all!

By withersdl
Written July 05, 2017
Great movie for all ages. Ending was a surprise. But I don't get why Disney continues to have the children in their movies lose their mother or both parents. Do they believe that only tragedy based story lines will be big box office hits?
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Written April 18, 2016
I thought it was a Good movie. It seemed a little more mature than what I expected it to be. I got the impression from the Trailers, that it would be more about the Snowman and his mishaps.
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