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Fright Night......Great Night

By sylar2744
Written December 05, 2011
I have to be honest I wasn't expecting alot from this film, vampire movies seem to be getting a little more and more corny as the years pass, and Colin Farrell well I'm just not a huge fan of, he has been in some great movies, but there is something about him I have never really liked.....well that was until I saw Fright Night. I think Colin Farrell did a great job along with Anton Yelchin who played Charlie in the film. It had some parts that made my wife jump and some parts that made her and I laugh as well. I think it was well written and all the actors did a great job especially Dave Franco who has an uncanny resemblence to his older brother James Franco.
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Nice Fright

By rockydoggies
Written August 21, 2011
Great cornball Fright Night movie. Anton Yelchin pretty much is gold with the characters he play. Colin Farrell plays a cool dark n mysterious bad guy. Imogen Poots plays a nice hotty dedicated to the dorky geeky hero. McLovin was cool too. The movie is what it is, A Saturday night popcorn flick and I was entertained.
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Fright Night For Real

By kraduate
Written March 26, 2017
I'm not going to compare this to the original other than to say the original may hold more charm but the remake kicks more butt. View them as separate entities and you should enjoy this. Yes, Fright Night is a bit campy. But that's the fun of it. Remember when movies were fun? This is reminiscent of 80s films-- you went for the pure joy of the movie going experience. You weren't as worried about special affects or cheesy dialogue and you didn't have heavy-handed messages constantly shoved down your throat like we do with so many movies today. Fright Night is a fun vampire romp. I loved the updated Criss Angel-esque version of Peter Vincent.
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Written August 27, 2011
It is rare in these hard economic times for me to WALK OUT of a movie but this one, I sure did. After about 60% I really had gotten over it stood up, threw my popcorn away and dumped my soda. For ME to do this, a movie has to be VERY BAD. Seems like every other line had F*** or talking about F****** or a females P*****, REALLY? The original was so awesome and had a charm because it played on the pure innocents of the kids. It was a movie you could take your 12 year old or your 80 year old grand mother to see. This movie, in my own personal opinion sucked. Its filthy, shallow plot line and is like a bad "Fangoria" movie remake. My advice, rent the original, save your money until it hits Nexflix Or Blockbuster and even then... think long & hard before you waste 2 hours. A HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT. I need to watch the original again just to restore my faith in film making. I'm just amazed that people think this was good, it goes to show just how far down the scale we have dropped.
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An embarrassment to cinema.

By theredraylives
Written May 01, 2017
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