Part of History Silenced

By al_soto
Written March 31, 2017
So, I read the critics, and basically they're complaining that the movie is "too Catholic" and so it's narrow and rigid. I saw the premiere in Los Angeles, and I beg to disagree. Of course, Mexico was 90% Catholic at the time, so the anti-government rebels are mostly all Catholic, and they fight from a Catholic disgust with their government. However, I love movies that expose me to a part of history that has been silenced, and therefore give me something totally new to learn about and learn form. I had never, ever heard of the Cristero rebels of Mexico. Also, I love the theme of standing up for your convictions, and being a Hispanic I am proud to see a part of Mexico stand up historically against tyranny and defend their right to worship God freely.
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The Greater Glory is better than better!

By winniemae
Written August 27, 2015
OMG!! This movie is Awesome. Andy Garcia has outdone himself in this movie. He is totally awesome in this role. This movie is so action packed and yet emotionally heartwarming. You will fall in love with some of these characters, which by the way is based on a true event with real people from the past. Eva Longoria is beautiful in this movie & so warm & touching. I would have to say this movie is a Must See and I plan on going again to see it maybe several more times to catch all the action & dialogue. So much history, so much to think about & how this can relate to our future. I've heard it said that to ignore the lessons of the past, is to repeat the same mistakes in the future! Go SEE this movie, spread the word!
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By rgwriter
Written August 27, 2015
I don't normally write movie reviews and I've never written a review on Fandango. This time, however, I was simply compelled. The very idea that critics across the country rated this film poorly doesn't make the least amount of sense. For Greater Glory carries the passion not felt in a major film, since Braveheart. Both Andy Garcia and Peter O'Toole pulled fantastic creative feats. The other actors, whose names fail me at the moment, seemed almost spiritually carried throughout their individual and group performances. The writing was superb, as was the direction and cinematography. Yes, this movie does demonize the Coolidge administration during the 1920s. Yes, this film does sympathize with the plight of Catholics in Mexico. If critics are damning this fim for those reasons, they are poorly serving their constituencies and forgetting their role as journalists: to uncover truth. I recommend this movie to anyone who believes in standing up for peace and honor.
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Great Movie

By FastEddieNYU
Written August 27, 2015
Don't be discouraged by the critics' reviews of For Greater Glory. Most claim that the characters are not well developed, thus making the story clunky or shallow. It is true that a number of smaller characters are rather two dimensional, but the leads, Garcia's character and the boy, Jose, are covered very well. When some critics say that the movie was too Catholic and that it ought to have included other religions, they are stuck in a misplaced pluralism or inclusivity that plagues institutions across the board. This is the story of the Cisteros in early twentieth century Catholic Mexico, not about a plurality of religions in contemporary America. This is a historical piece with a universal theme, not an NPR bit on the "odd" phenomenon of religions. Audience reaction was positive in the theaters. People laughed out loud, sobbed, and wanted more. No one left until well into the end credits. I'm certainly purchasing this film on DVD after another view in theaters.
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Critics wrong again

By amcfly
Written August 27, 2015
This movie is awesome. Go watch it and make up your own mind. It seems that all movies that have some type of redeeming value are doomed to be rated badly. I have seen various films now that have been rated badly that were actually good family films. While this movie may lean a little on the violence of war, it is nonetheless riveting and moving. The fact that it really happened makes this film even more interesting. This rarely spoken of piece of history is sad in many respects due to the fact that many lives were lost because of the whims of a man drowning in his lust for power and control. This common theme never seems to go out of style with the utterly corrupt no matter what century. Ignore the critics. As soon as I read that the critics had panned the film, I immediately did the opposite of what they wanted me to do and went to see the film. i am glad I did. . the audience was clapping at the end and so was I.
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