The Final Season.

By Daydream
Written October 29, 2007
Where baseball is the heart and soul of the community, The Final Season is inspired by the true story of the Norway High School Tigers in Norway, Iowa. This small town team has won the state championships 19 times in a row and is down to their final season due to merging schools, budget cuts and shrinking enrollment. This inspirational movie is for every sports fan out there and has life lessons for everyone. Although a characteristic underdog sports movie, it is very heart-warming and worth seeing.
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By JLauren
Written October 12, 2007
Great family oriented film with a wonderful underlying message to rise up and impact your small world.
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Surprisingly good!

By nocomment
Written October 11, 2007
Took my grandkids to a screening. They were afraid it was going to be too cheesy. They ended up loving the movie and already have tickets for the friday opening. Surprised me too. If you're interested in baseball (like my grandson and softball for my granddaughter) you will love it. I love baseball. It is MUCH better and has more story than you expect It is a much better family movie than Hoosiers. Its a little sappy but also some appropriate High School edge. There were also some funny bits. The baseball outstanding baseball action makes it perfect sports get Psyched movie. What I REALLY liked most were the sneaky smart grandparents. We elders are usually made out to be Daffy so this is especially refreshing. Every grandparent should take their kids and grandkids to this movie.
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Much truth here

By Norway73
Written October 10, 2007
To the man who wrote the critic review: Read behind the scenes. Of course the entire issue of keeping the school open is not baseball. You want to see the ruin of the nation-take a look at the changes in the small communities and schools. In the movie, Chic Van Scoyoc said her children were on Dean's list and they had graduated from Norway. Students from small schools excel in many areas with town support to applaud their efforts. Look around you today . . . big city schools with a rise in gang, crime, and all kinds of things not so good. The idea of improvement through consolidating the schools was a lie and that is the important message I took home from this movie. I also am reminded that ordinary people can do extraordinary things with the correct work ethic and attitude. Hats off to a great movie that will be a good reminder of the greatness of our country. The four in our car all gave it a thumbs up and thoroughly enjoyed it. What a great story.
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Great baseball flick

By Geeseman
Written October 03, 2007
I was fortunate enough to get to see an advanced screening of this movie. This is a great story told in a fantastic way. It is beautifully filmed. The baseball scenes are outstanding. The end of this movie is very, very good. It is a great familly film that everyone will enjoy. Go see this movie!!!!
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