good movie don't listen to critics

By Sogetsu
Written August 13, 2010
this movie was good 10/10. don't listen to critics . there was alot of action, explosion, gore, action sequences, comedy and it had some romance n good story. must watch for action fans. you won't be disappointed. only if the movie was long 2hours 30minutes coudl've explain more back story to the other characters. but nonetheless very good movie don't listen to critics they don't know crap. only movie they care about is twilight, n movies with people that can't act with same story over n over.
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Five Word Review

By redyeah
Written August 21, 2010
fulfilled its adrenaline pumping duties
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By Kathy Cullen
Written September 01, 2014
This is not your everyday action movie, the Expendables gets you to want to jump into the movie itself, if your not careful your be standing up and cheering. There were so many oohs and Aahs, yeahs with arms stretched out cheering yelling & whooping I forgot to be quite myself. The storyline is very good and the plot stayed on topic, not like some of these over-rated movies I have gone to in the past. The actors were very well put together. As for the over-all props to the crew that helped make it all work together with the explosions and action scenes give the movie goer the feeling of being there. I have a friend that went (at which I did not know he was there at the same time), he sells guns in a sporting goods store, anyways he caught himself counting shells and actually told me he lost count. This guy liked this movie too. I just wish some of the scenes were in 3D. Oh What a Movie! This is a movie I will see again before it leaves the theaters. This movie let me feel it! !
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Expendables 2 coming soon??????

By Cacowboy
Written September 01, 2014
Good action movie, Rambo reborn. If you like action unrealistic movie, then go see this. And most likely expect a Expendables 2. The one thing that I felt was a fraud in the Trailers of course is seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger, so beware it was just a cameo, what was it 1 min? That increased revenue by 10% or more, just by showing him in the trailer. Maybe when he's out of office this year, he'll be in the next Expendables 2 "The return of the Terminator". Story line California is invaded by illegals and they have to defend the border.
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By Redneck Dragon
Written July 01, 2010
With a cast and team jam packed with these action super stars, "I pity the fools that stand in their way!!" I also pity the fools that don't like the movie.
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