Written August 22, 2008
Elegy unabashedly explored lust/love/affairs, fear/commitment, beauty/art, and mortality. The underlying message that nothing stays the same nor lasts forever - expertly communicated by director Isabel Coixet in this beautiful movie adaptation of Pulitzer Prize-winning author Philip Roth's novel, The Dying Animal. The characters - fully-fleshed - had depth. The STELLAR cast comprised - the Academy award-winner Ben Kingsley masterfully portrayed emotionally-distant lustful possessive David Kepesh; Penelope Cruz enchanting as the austere well-mannered Consuela Castillo; the remarkable Dennis Hopper played George - David's friend/confidant; singer Deborah Harry(Blondie), Peter Sarsgaard and Patricia Clarkson delivered SUPERB supporting performances. The intelligent directing/screen-writing, skillful editing, gorgeous cinematography set the PERFECT mood for this MUST-SEE thought-provoking contemplative meditative profound movie - perfect for intelligent upscale audience.
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Voluptuous insight into human relationships

By movies4less
Written August 23, 2008
Penelope Cruz is simply a stunning beauty. Ben Kingsley provides the backcloth to the beauty within Penelope's character when life happens as one is trying to make plans for (or avoid) something else. Sexual nudity and rather a serious themed movie - not for youngish moviegoers. The director has taken a common occurrrence (old guy with young gal) and portrayed its subtleties majestically. Very Vicky Cristina Barcelona.
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By bmuniz
Written September 01, 2008
This is a poem of mourning for the movie Elegy: Great actors not acting greatly in roles plundered from novels past leave me tired, sleepy and wanting things to end. I mourn the loss of feeling in my arms, my legs, my mind. A movie that never ends from a book that seems the same Don't waste your time
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Absolutely Amazing

By Allison_In_Brooklyn
Written August 27, 2008
The acting in this movie is absolutely amazing. You can really feel for each of the characters and crawl underneath their skins. I admit that I thought it was a bit slow at first but then I became completely engrossed. The dynamic that exists between Ben Kingsley's character and Penelope Cruz's character AND the dynamic that exists between Ben Kingsley's character and Dennis Hopper's character evoke so many thoughts and emotions within you. Great cameo role by the flawless Patricia Clarkson. This movie will break your heart.
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Work of art

By curlysunset
Written September 08, 2008
This movie is a work of art stating that life is ever evolving due to death. The death of Ben Kingsly and his former self when Penelope comes back is terrific to watch on the big screen. This movie also delves into the philosophical meaning of growing old and growing up. I think it was fantasic, but Penelope Cruz has starred in better movies. I wondered why this was in limited release, but some of these movies are the best I've seen.
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