Drive: B+

By MattH306
Written September 17, 2011
An awkward start, but the movie kept growing on me.
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See this only if you like Art Films

By morlights
Written September 17, 2011
This is an art film... I was very annoyed with the false trailor.
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Best film of 2011 - Ryan Gosling is amazing

By eastofdurango
Written October 16, 2011
This film was expertly directed, cast, acted, and shot - the lighting, music, and character development is excellent. I went to this movie not knowing the full scope of its plot thinking it was a basic "action film" and was surprised by the level of depth and emotion brought to the screen. The only thing I didn't like was the very brutal and graphic violence - it was shocking and not my "cup of tea" but I was able to "handle it" due to the incredible impact this film had on me in that it was a movie that did not overstate anything. The dialogue, or lack thereof, drew me into the movie and was a welcome relief from so many in-you-face movies. This is an intelligent movie that gives the viewer credit for knowing what the characters are thinking and feeling without having to state it. Ryan Gosling is totally amazing and real and every one else in the movie was perfectly cast.
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Drive right over to see it!

By biadrmer
Written September 17, 2011
What a great movie! Great casting! Even though the main actors didn't have a lot of dialogue, the silence was filled with meaning. The director showed the audience the yin and yang of life by taking you from moments of sweet tenderness to extreme violence in less than a couple of minutes! Crazy! It sort of reminded me of Pup Fiction or Kill Bill, but in a more stylized way, not so caricaturish. Really well-done! Ryan Gosling is turning out to be an incredible actor!
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By ccabbage
Written September 17, 2011
It starts out slow then packs a punch. Very violent deserving of it's R rating. The driving scenes are awesome as is Ryan Gosling. Crazy, Stupid Love it's not!
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