Excellent - must see this movie!

By spencerickson
Written November 13, 2012
We all know the medical system is broken, yet we do whatever we're told by our medical provider. This documentary finally gives a shot to the little guy who's just hung in there for the last hundred years, just waiting to show what he can do. Yes, the movie's slanted. Yes, it's feel-good, and yes, it's accurate. This information will probably be only a blip on the AMA's radar, but it should open the eyes of many who are willing to see there are alternatives to drugs and surgery! Health is about hope, not despair, but unfortunately medicine is about despair. This documentary is proof that hope is alive and well. I've seen better-made documentaries, but it's good - it's certainly worthwhile.
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Great Movie

By steveanderson691
Written September 23, 2012
I thought it was interesting and gave a lot of insight about a very important topic that effects every American. This is a must see in my opinion.
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